CORRAN KENNELS REHOMING CENTRE is presently the kennelling contractor for Ards, North Down and Down District Councils.We have been the kenneling contractor for Down Council for the past thirteen years.During that time over 13,000 dogs have passed through our kennels. We endeavor to find homes for all dogs which are deemed suitable. Dogs from our kennels have found loving family homes all over Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Scotland and England. Some of the dogs have found a fulfilling working life with the armed forces. A springer spaniel from our kennels was one of the top working dogs in Iraq.

On arrival at the kennels any dog under 6 months old receives a parvo vaccination. All dogs are now microchipped free of charge.

Unfortunately all the dogs which come to us are not suitable for rehoming for various reasons i.e. old age, ill health, attacks on humans and livestock attacks.

We do not put a 'Five day time limit' on dogs suitable for rehoming. Some dogs have been here for several months before finding suitable homes. The individual councils only pay to keep a dog 5 days.

All dogs under six months are routinely vaccinated against parvo on arrival.This has seen the parvo rate drop by 99%. The councils do not pay for vaccinations.

Each week the dogs in our kennels are widely advertised in local newspapers and on the internet. The kennels are responsible for all advertising costs.

We are not a charity and therefore do not receive donations. Revenue from the sale of dogs enables us to keep, vaccinate and advertise dogs that would otherwise have to be put to sleep after six days.

CORRAN KENNELS REHOMING CENTRE is consistently the top council rehoming facility in Northern Ireland. In the first half of 2010 we rehomed almost three times as many dogs as the largest council.

Many thanks to everyone who has given a dog from our kennels another chance at life. Thanks also to those who donate blankets etc. They are much appreciated. If you are thinking of getting a new dog, why not pay us a visit? Your perfect pet might just be waiting in our kennels. If you have already found your ideal companion here, please email us a photo and some details to [email protected]. We would love to have you on our webpage.

Kind Regards

Helen Marks.


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