'WOODY' 22nd. February 2012

'Woody' was a pitiful sight when the dog warden brought him to our kennels almost three weeks ago.Emaciated and covered in sores, he could barely find the strength to lift his leg. Prior to coming to our kennels he had spent a night in the vets surgery and was prescribed with ointment for his sores.Everyone who met him fell in love with him, as although he had been badly neglected his tail never stopped wagging.

We decided he deserved a chance of a better life, and after only three weeks he is a different dog. He was wormed and vaccinated, and recieved a suitable diet.

He has improved beyond recognition. His sores have been treated and have healed, although it will take a while longer for the hair to regrow.

'Woody' is microchipped but his owner could not be traced. He is approx 4-5 years old. He really deserves a loving home after all he's been through.

UPDATE. Great news for 'Woody'. He is off to a new home this week with a family who have both the facilities and the knowledge to care for him properly. Enjoy the rest of your life Woody. You deserve it!

'Woody' on arrival at Corran Kennels nearly three weeks ago.

Emaciated and covered in sores.

Covered in sores.

No flesh on his back whatsoever.

Scarcely enough energy to even lift his leg.

'Woody' Now looking forward to life!

After three weeks care.

'My sores are nearly healed'.